Founded in 1995, Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars  has awarded more than $713,900 in scholarships to over 1918 students. In addition to the scholarship program, 15 worthy Ballard juniors and seniors and 15 Ballard community namesakes, are honored at the Academic Achievement Awards Night each fall. The Ballard faculty selects the student honorees for the night and "Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars throws the party."

 Our Mission

Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars advocates post-secondary education for every Ballard student by recognizing academic achievement and awarding scholarships.


Each graduating senior from Ballard High School, Huxley, Iowa, who completes an application,

by the deadline, for one of the many Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars scholarships,

and who attends the Scholarship Awards Night in early May, 

will receive a minimum of $400 for their post-secondary education, technical school,

credentialing classes or training.  Many scholarship awardees will receive double that

amount because they attend an institution which matches the local scholarship.


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