Academic Awards Night was held on August 29, 2018.  These 16 students won the Academic Achievement award in their given area for demonstrating their passion for the subject.  Included in the photo is the awarding teacher and a community namesake that excels in that area.  Congratulations to our 2018 winners!


Ashley Kahler with Mark Finch and Ms. Lichty

2018 Agriculture Award Ashley Kahler



2018 Business & Technology Award Max Olsan


2018 Family & Consumer Science Award Adrianna Donaldson


2018 Foreign Language Award Megan Kyhl


2018 Industrial Technology Award Donald White


2018 Language Arts Award Danielle Noack


2018 Math Award Mira Luke


2018 Instrumental Music Award Hunter Rose


2018 Vocal Music Award Emma Clinton


2018 Physical Education Award Sam Andrews & Joe Hofbauer


2018 Science Award Magnus Anderson


2018 Service Award Sydney Liedtke


2018 Social Studies Award Grace Long


2018 Speech & Drama Award Sidra Vespestad


2018 Visual Arts Award Maddie Sullivan