ATTENTION Class of 2020: 

Scholarship application time is right now. If you plan to go to college or trade school after graduating, you can receive a scholarship for a minimum of $400 (usually more) just for applying, regardless of your gradepoint or financial need.  Check in the school office for instructions how to apply, click the link below for detailed instructions or see Ms. Doland.  It's easy and fast to apply.

Scholarship application deadline is March 3rd, 2020.  


***  Link for detailed instructions how to fill out scholarship application.  Click here ***


** Link to slides with explanations from Dec 13th "how to apply" meeting are here **

If you have questions, see Mrs. Doland or email Ballard Dollars for Scholars at BEFORE the deadline March 3rd, 2020!


Iowa Collegiate Matching Partners

If you are attending college in Iowa, for sure, check this link to see if your college matches Dollars for Scholars scholarships and in what amount.  If it does, you should "accept" your scholarship in the computer (see link at bottom of page for how to accept your scholarship) soon after scholarship awards night.  Usually the matching money is a fund that is used until depleted and when its gone, its gone, so don't miss out.

​Currently, Iowa colleges that match your DFS scholarship include:  Allen College, Buena Vista University, Coe College, Drake University, Grand View University, Loras College, Northwest Iowa Community College, Southeastern Community College, Southwestern Community College, Upper Iowa University and Waldorf University. 

Check the Collegiate Partners Directory under Scholarship America section to see if your out-of-state school participates in matching. 


Under the Scholarship America section of this page is information about opportunities for national scholarships (student opportunities) that you can apply for using your DFS scholarship application (although you may need to fill out more sections than what Ballard requires).





Important Information for Receiving your Scholarship AFTER Scholarship Awards Night in April

After scholarship awards night is over, senior scholarship recipients MUST go back to their Dollars for Scholars profile to accept and acknowledge their award. This should be done when the student has decided which institution they are going to attend, knows institution's address and the start date of classes, and has been assigned a student ID number.  You have until Dec. 31, 2021 to use your scholarship.


Link to instructions on how to accept your scholarship from your student profile.  Click here.

For information on tax treatment of scholarship money, click here.  Scholarship money can be used for tuition, books, fees and mandatory supplies (ex. lab goggles) tax free, but is taxable if used for room & board, research or travel.  Your accountant can further advise you on this matter.


If you plan to delay entry into college for military service, you must contact Ballard's Dollars for Scholars committee ASAP but no later than October 1st of your graduation year at to keep them updated on your plans. If you have done that step and the Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars has confirmed that you qualify for this deferment, class of 2020 students have until May 31, 2025, to claim your scholarship should you choose to delay entry into college for military service.