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23rd Annual Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars 

Academic Awards Night

August 17, 2017,  Ballard High School Auditorium

​Congratulations to the Academic Achievement Award winners and other Ballard scholars honored.

Our appreciation to the Academic Award namesakes, Hy-Vee, Lunchtime Solutions, Inc., Do-Biz Foods and Blumster's on Main for their support of the meal, reception and auditorium decoration. 

Special thanks to:  Peter Krum for the piano prelude and postlude,

 and to Madelynn Connell for her vocal selection "Wither Must I Wander" by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 

and to Jenn Rigby and Jenny Lichty for taking photos and Terri Doud for producing the program.


Mark Finch Agriculture Award:  Jarrett Miller, presented by Jenny Lichty

Todd Millang Business & Technology Award:  Brock Beirman, presented by Lisa Ronca

Sherry Kramer Family & Consumer Science Award:  Sydney Pierson, presented by Jean Longnecker

Karen Harrison Foreign Language Award:  Dana Edleman, presented by Jill Chongo

Todd Sommerfeld Industrial Technology Award:  Nolan Payne, presented by Nick Steenhagen

Sheila King Language Arts Award:  Kristin Vogel, presented by Jenn Rigby

Mike Carr Math Award:  Ben VonArb, presented by Melodi Jack

Karina Snider Instrumental Music Award:  Cale Bangs, presented by Derrick Hawks

Cheryle Harmon Vocal Music Award:  Madelynn Connell, presented by Peter Krum

Rob Drew Physical Education Award:  Ben Lee, presented by Kyle Howard

Kirk Peterson, M.D. Science Award:  Morgan Kluender & Alexa Kersey, presented by Matt Edgar

Nicole (Henry) Kennedy Service Award:  Mary Foutch, presented by Jeriann Maclaughlin

Pat Cole Social Studies Award:  Summer McVicker, presented by Darren Herrold

Troy McKay Speech/Drama Award:  Teresa Hannasch, presented by Lisa Ronca

Shawn Palek Visual Arts Award:  Marlee Newell, presented by Amy Endres