August 24, 2015

Ballard High School and Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars

Huxley, Iowa

  Student performances included a marimba solo by Kari Holmes and a vocal duet by Kaitlyn Vasey and Kristin Vogel.  Special thanks to Peter Krum for the piano pre- and post-ludes, Ankeny Hy-Vee for providing most of the pre-event meal for Namesakes and Recipients, Emily Saveraid for photographing all, and the administration and staff of BHS for supporting this important work.

The following photos are captioned with just a few sentences explaining why each recipient was chosen,

from the teacher who presented the award.  Namesakes chosen for their dedication to the field are chosen for five-year terms.



Hannah Lee--recipient of the Mark Finch Agriculture Award, was selected because of her quiet leadership, while setting a postitive example for other students, especially in her role as a charter member, secretary and now, historian, of the Ballard FFA Chapter. 


Bryce Snell--recipient of the Todd Millang Business & Technology Award, selected because of his commitment to Ballard Technology.  "He epitomizes everything that you would desire  in a young man in his teens, with a great work ethic and desire to improve."


Afton Stark--recipient of the Sherry Kramer Family & Consumer Science Award; "A shining star who can be depended on to jump in and assist her classmates, with a good attitude and can-do spirit!"

Sarah Albers--recipient of the Karen Harrison Foreign Language Award, who has excelled in both Spanish language and cultures.  "She is a very strong and positive leader in the classroom but also uses her Spanish skills in El Salvador missionary work." 

Chase Palmer--recipient of the Todd Sommerfeld Industrial Technology Award, chosen for his passion and enthusiasm for this field.  "I can typically ask Chase to help without having to worry about it getting done or holding his hand along the way."


Hannah Wagner--recipient of the Sheila King Language Arts Award, has taken to heart the lessons of class when she created a blog of a woman living in a  restrictive third world country, among other assignments.  "She is not scared to think outside the box..."


Annalyssa Holly--recipient of the Mike Carr Math Award, chosen for being one of the top performers in all of her math classes, including Advanced Placement Calculus, all while participating in almost every high school activity.  "She's always, always in a good mood, too!"


Sara Wilken--recipient of the Karina Snider Instrumental Music Award, selected for her extreme devotion to her own musical solos and all groups:  honor bands, vocal music collaborations, All State auditions.  "She helps make students feel included and welcome to band!" 

Jenna Lee--recipient of the Cheryle Harmon Vocal Music Award, is not only talented, hard-working and ambitious in her musical endeavors, but is a foundation and role model for fellow choir members.  "She is extremely dedicated and very well-rounded in music!"


Wyatt Terrones--recipient of the Rob Drew Physical Education Award, (Rob pictured above), was selected for his commitment and dedication.  "He comes ready to work and stays until the entire workout is completed. This ability will help him when he pursues a military career." (photo of Wyatt unavailable)


Sydney Smith--recipient of the Deb Shannan Science Award, goes above and beyond both as an individual and as a team member.  Her work ethic and inquiry skills allow her to excel even while doubling up on science coursework.  "She will do well in this field in the future."


Allison Archibald--recipient of the Nicole (Henry) Bruce Service Award, is a fairly new member of Ballard but has accumulated so many service hours that you would never believe it.  "She is always willing to help anyone anywhere, with her contagious smile."


Olivia Hall--recipient of the Pat Cole Social Studies Award, always asks, "Why?" and "How?" because she does not take the easy way out but always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.  "She leads other students to ask questions and her projects are memorable."


Leo Dickens--recipient of the Troy McKay Speech/Drama Award, is described as hilarious, creative and energetic.  "These traits have led to his winning all-state honors in speech and lead parts in plays and ensembles.  We hope that his future endeavors include adequate sugar."


Ben Fagen--recipient of the Shawn Palek Visual Arts Award, chosen because of always being in search of new ideas and techniques to incorporate into his art work, "a leader in the studio who consistently works hard, exploring a variety of subjects and unique fusions."


Tenth Grade Academic Letter Winners

Academic Letter Winners earned a 3.33 or above grade point average for both semesters of the 2014-2015 school year.


Eleventh Grade Academic Letter Winners

Academic Letter Winners earned a 3.33 or above grade point average for both semesters of the 2014-2015 school year.


Twelfth Grade Academic Letter Winners

Academic Letter Winners earned a 3.33 or above grade point average for both semesters of the 2014-2015 school year.